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Top 5 Things to Look for in Your next Server

You’ve done it. You’ve dared to dream, and there might be a server out there for you. 

One that doesn’t drive you crazy, only works when it wants to, and often gives you a blank stare. 

If you’re ready to move on from your current on-premise servers, then it’s time to think about what you really want in your next server. 

Smart, funny, likes long walks on the beach? Maybe not. 

Intelligent, driven and wants a long term relationship? Definitely! 

And it’s important to get it right because it’s a serious commitment.  

So, what should you look for in your next server? 

Good with Money 

Your current IT infrastructure is likely costing you a bomb (notwithstanding it probably feels like it could explode at any moment!). 

Next time around, you don’t want a server that needs the sound of your credit card swiping to keep it running. 

Instead, you want to be paying for something that actually works as advertised and is easy to manage and scale cost-wise. 


No one likes a clingy significant other. You need some time to do what you want to do.   

Unfortunately, if you’re server is getting on, forget about it. Your time is not your own. Coupled with how slow and how many resources it consumes to do anything, it feels like everything just grinds to a halt around them. 

This time around, fewer resources taken up in server management would be a godsend. You’ll have your time back, and things will just run smoothly and efficiently. 

High Performance​ 

Ha! We won’t dwell on your status quo, but let’s just say it probably isn’t happening. 

So, you want a server that performs. Fast, powerful and can take whatever you throw at it. 

It’s time to replace your battered Toyota with a Ferrari. 

Full of Potential 

It’s frustrating when you’re being held back by your current infrastructure. 

You’ve invested in some pretty cool, hi-tech stuff (software applications for example) but they need a platform that will allow you to use them at their full potential. 

The future is where your company wants to be, and you need a server that’ll take you there.   

Strong & Secure 

Not the most exciting feature, but crucial all the same. 

You need to be able to rely on your server to protect the information it has access to, and there are potentially massive consequences if it can’t. 

It must also tick all the compliance boxes – from internal policies to international law. 

Finding Your Ideal Match 

How do you find this elusive, perfect IT match for your business? 

Look up because the cloud is the best place to start.  

Flexible, powerful, reliable, cost-effective – the list of benefits are a mile long. 

With the right support (like us!), it’s easy to take the good of your current IT setup, shoot it into the cloud, and enjoy a brand new, exciting long-term relationship with your new virtual server. 

We’re here to help 

At Base2, we’re here to help you through the process. Think of us as your counsellor and matchmaker in one – supporting you to find right the right infrastructure solution for you and your business.  

And, our Autopilot Workstation, we can help you & your new device take flight faster (and with a lot less admin!)

Let’s have a chat. 

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