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Moving on from Your Current Server in 4 Easy Steps

Congratulations! It’s a big step to move on from a relationship and saying goodbye to your current on-premise server isn’t easy.

From experience, we know it’s the right decision because you can (and will) do so much better.

Now what?

How do you effectively move on and ensure it’s a success with your new cloud server?

We’ve been involved in counselling many businesses through their private server breakups and helping them find the ideal cloud server. Here are our top four steps for moving on the right way.  

1. Reflect

It’s easy to feel like you want to get rid of everything and start from scratch.

However, not everything about your old server was bad.

In fact, there are a lot of things (applications and workloads, for example) you want to keep, which will work just as well, if not better, with your new server.

So, before you make any drastic decisions – breathe – then assess what you’ve got.

This will help you make a plan for what you will need to migrate to your new server, and where this migration should start.

2. Take the Plunge

Once you’ve found the perfect server match for you and your business, it can seem overwhelming on how to physically move all your stuff from your current server to your new one.

With the right help, it’s easy.

You’re not alone and, if you’re lucky enough to be paired up with Microsoft Azure, they have free, powerful tools to help you migrate everything across.

As part of our matchmaking service, we’ll also help you too. 

3. Work on Your Issues

Anyone starting a new relationship after recently having left someone is going to have some baggage.

It’s no different once you’re up and running with your new server.

If you want your new relationship to be effective and for the long haul, you’re going to need to work through some issues.

And it will be totally worth it when you do.

Sorting out your cloud resources will make sure you meet any compliance requirements and improve performance. Overall, this will increase your return on investment (and your happiness!).

4. Secure and Manage

You’re trusting your new cloud server with a lot of important information, so it’s supercritical that it’s secure.

It’s also vital that you’re managing its health. A cloud service like Azure has a number of built-in monitoring systems, so you have full visibility on what’s going on.

Looking after both of these areas is crucial for the long-term success of your new partnership, and is something you should get right, from the start.

We’re here to help

At Base2, we’re here to help you through the process of moving on and starting out with your new cloud server the right way.

Think of us as your counsellor and matchmaker in one – supporting you to find the right infrastructure solution for you and your business.

Let’s find your perfect match.

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