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We’re reshaping the way we offer services – here’s why

At Base2, IT has always been the core of our business – these days, it’s a core element of our clients’ businesses as well. IT services are no longer a necessary but begrudging cost of doing business, they’re mission-critical, driving communication, remote work, data management, security, collaboration and more.  

Because the role of IT in business has changed so much since we started, we’re changing too. We’re radically reshaping the way we offer services and engage with our clients, to make it easier for you to get the services you need – and understand exactly what you’re paying for.  

Instead of offering a vast range of separate services, we’ve streamlined our service offerings into three simple plans. Each includes a raft of services to suit your business – from the basic to the complex, depending on what you do, how many people you employ, and your goals for the future. Pricing is set at a single cost per person, so you can start budgeting for your IT as a fixed monthly cost, rather than a fluctuating expense. 

It’s about giving you the tools to push your business forward, without spending too much time thinking about the gritty details.  

Here’s how our new plans will look:  

Essentials – supporting small business growth 

No matter how small your business, you need a base level of IT services and support to offer your clients the best possible service. No matter the size of your business, you do not want to be struggling with inadequate IT, lack of support, or slow workflow processes.  

The Essentials pack lets you get on with it, giving you and your team the tools to communicate effectively and put strong workflow processes in place from the beginning. If you’re working from home or moving between temporary office spaces, the ability to access data and work from multiple devices is a game-changer, saving you and your team vital time.  

Even better, Essentials gives you access to remote IT support from our experts – so any IT problems are resolved ASAP, and you can focus on your business. Easy.   

Business – advanced support and security services  

When your business needs get more complex, you may not need more software, but you will need more hands-on support and advanced services. Our Business plan is designed to offer flexible, tailored services for small-to-medium businesses, whatever you do.  

You get the standard communication and collaboration tools to set your team up for success, with additional advanced features like security and data protection. These come in handy as you grow your client list – you need to keep that key data secure and avoid embarrassing, expensive breaches at all costs. You’ll also get valuable insight into your technology use in the form of yearly reviews and reports – knowing exactly how you’re using your IT services helps you manage your expectations for the next year.  

On top of that, you get on-site support, after-hours service, hands-on help –whatever you need to keep your IT services up and running effectively.  

Premium – strategic insight to help you level up  

High-level business requires high-level IT services. If your business is growing rapidly – or you’re on a long-term upwards trajectory – our Premium service gives you everything you need to level up without a hitch.  

On top of the standard communication, security, and data storage services, you’ll get access to expert insight from a virtual CIO – plus our team of IT pros. That insight helps you and your team strategise and plan for sustainable growth, making sure your tech meets your business needs – and your goals for the future.  

It’s also about setting up your team for success. As part of the Premium package, you get access to our training programmes, so your team can learn to squeeze every last drop of functionality from your IT systems. After all, there’s no point in giving your team tools if they don’t know how to use them.  

The Premium plan is intended for larger organisations or those in growth periods. It’s designed to help you sort out your internal processes and upskill your people, so you can start to build on your success instead of scrambling to catch up with rapid change.  

Our plans for your business  

Base2’s service and pricing structure have changed – but our commitment to personalised services and top-level IT haven’t. We’re just making it easier for our customers to get the services they need. We truly believe that IT is at the heart of business success, so we want it to be as simple, accessible, and functional as possible.  

If you’re a current customer, we’re happy to review your current IT plan and help you look at your options under our new structure. If you’re a new customer, we can chat about your needs and we’ll help you subscribe to one of our plans.  

Whatever your IT needs, we can help make things easy – get in touch now.

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