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Journey to the Cloud: The Beginning (Act 1)

11 years ago, interacting with tech support was horrific.  

Unfortunately, for some businesses, this still hasn’t changed. 

Companies were being let down by their technical systems and whoever was supporting them.  

It was really tough. Technology that had been implemented to make their business operate better and more efficiently was in fact causing the opposite. 

If their systems went down, there would be immense frustration trying to get it back up – on the phone to their IT crowd – while money was literally walking out the door. 

We wanted to solve this problem. Taking care of businesses’ IT needs, so they can thrive and focus on doing what they know best. 

So, we founded Base 2 with the vision of helping businesses achieve their goals. 

What businesses wanted 

Step one was to understand what our clients wanted to achieve – their goals and objectives. 

After listening to their past IT experiences and their business’s vision for the future, we realised there were three things they needed from their IT company to thrive. 

Firstly, they needed a stable, reliable, dependable, and consistent service. 

This meant systems and infrastructure that wouldn’t go down, and which they could rely on to run their business. 

And, on the rare occasion there was an issue, their technical support call would be answered in seconds – the problem dealt with then and there.  

Secondly, security was paramount as we’d be looking after their critical business systems and essential, confidential data. 

Finally, their IT costs had to be predictable. Managing cashflow is critical for a business and it’s a nasty surprise when there’s a large IT bill around the corner!  

With these in mind, we set out to develop a solution that would help our clients’ businesses. 

Enabling growth 

Step two was to build the infrastructure that would support what our clients wanted to do.  

We opened our own data centre in Auckland and built virtual server farms to host our clients’ data, systems and services. Our hosting was available globally, so we could even look after our clients using it further afield – such as in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. 

We also put in a highly redundant network with failover and 100Mb of dedicated internet (a lot at the time!) to support our growing customer base. 

The best equipment and software were selected – IBM and VMware, respectively – to manage and support our clients’ servers.  

We checked out the cloud but found it was still too new and expensive, at the time.  

Some local providers were building their infrastructure as well, but we wanted to set up our own, so that we could best look after and control the outcomes for our clients.  

With our server farms up and running, our clients had access to hosting services across a wide area network or secure internet connection.  

To support them, our dedicated team of specialists were onsite and on hand every single day.  

So, whenever clients had a problem, they spoke directly to us and had their issues resolved in real time.  

Sticking to the vision 

With each solution, we brought our clients closer to the things they cared about – their business priorities. 

It wasn’t long until we were hosting 150 to 200 virtual servers in our data centre. 

And, as more and more clients came on board and technology continued to evolve, there was a demand for more – more space, more speed, and greater security. 

All while maintaining consistency, stability and keeping costs predictable. 

Staying true to our vision, over the years, we kept our infrastructure updated and maintained, and our support team was always on hand for our clients. 

However, one day, it became clear that our ageing infrastructure was falling behind… (Act 2)

Cloud Journey- start from the beginning

If you know your business could benefit from moving to a cloud infrastructure, Base 2 is for a limited time offering free migration to Azure. Find out more by getting in touch.

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