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Journey to the Cloud: Azure & Our Clients (Act 4)

Microsoft Azure ticked all the boxes we were looking for in a cloud provider and more. 

With its reliability, security and pricing options setting it apart from everyone else, we made the jump. Base 2 was now in the cloud. 

The results were impressive, dramatically changing the way we do business and support our clients.  

Moving to Azure has made everything faster, easier and simpler. We’ve never been able to solve support tickets like we can now – in certain instances we discovered a 700% increase!  

And, now that we’re enjoying the advantages of being in the cloud, our clients are seeing the benefits as well – allowing them also to reach for the clouds and achieve their goals.  


When we started 11 years ago, businesses were struggling with the stability and reliability of their systems. 

Throughout our journey, a key focus has been ensuring we were providing a consistent, stable platform and reliable, managed service for our clients to host their data, applications and storage. 

That is why we invested in the best equipment and software for our data centre and, with our move to the cloud, why we chose Azure to host our clients’ businesses.   

Azure has global scale, using data centres all over the world, enabling data to be backed up in more than one geographic location and resources to be delivered from specific locations as needed. Overall, providing greater reliability than a single data centre could. 

It also reduces the risk for our clients. 

Running their businesses on Azure minimises P1 (major) incidents such as server failures and interruption issues, as well as hardware-related outages – power, internet or building outages. 

Microsoft handles these issues for our clients, and with their massive redundancy and thousands of dedicated support staff, any downtime is minuscule. 

It’s no wonder that industries like financial services, manufacturing, utilities, health and medical, retail, and governments rely on Azure’s cloud platform. 

Not to mention, Azure’s security is second to none. So, we felt completely safe putting our clients’ data and business systems in the hands of the best in the world.  

So, if businesses have specific challenges, Base 2 can provide the security and trust that they need for their critical systems. 

For example, one of our clients provides medical refrigerators and freezers with built-in temperature monitoring. Their monitoring software must always be online because if the temperature in their refrigerators drops below a certain point, expensive medicines must be thrown out.  

Another client, who is in the construction industry, builds homes from scratch. There are a vast number of items that need to be ordered and managed to build a house. The software they use to do this is proprietary and needs to be set up and managed in a specific way. We were able to take their application, set it up in Azure, remove the local hosting issues and make it accessible from anywhere – even on-site via 4G. 


Reliability and reducing risk for clients was only step one. 

Our clients were doing some pretty cool stuff and looking to incorporate better and more cutting-edge technology into their business. 

This meant they needed a high-performance platform that would remove their limits. 

And Azure definitely delivers. 

Microsoft is continuously pouring money and resources into their datacentres and software so that Azure stays ahead of the pack. Such ongoing investment would be extremely costly for a single datacentre to maintain.  

Giving our clients the benefit of large infrastructure with fraction of the costs, allowing them to scale their systems and businesses easily. 

By taking advantage of Azure’s latest software and hardware, our clients’ applications run faster and better than ever.  

And, without the distraction of service issues, Base 2 can play an active, pre-emptive and strategic role with our clients. 

In short, Azure is the ideal solution to help us fulfil our vision of helping businesses achieve their goals  

Moving our clients to the cloud 

Base 2’s core mission has always been to ensure that our clients’ business goals remain their top priority. ​ 

Our partnership with Microsoft Azure enables us to provide the reliability, performance and stability our clients need to grow and thrive. 

We’re continuing to support them every step of the way, and now we’re able to do it even better than before. (Act 5)

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