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Journey to the Cloud: Azure and Base 2 (Act 3)

Our private infrastructure had served us well, but it was time to say goodbye to our server farms and embrace the cloud. 

Recent improvements in internet speed due to fibre optic deep-sea cables made cloud infrastructures the ideal choice for our data storage and management.​ 

Allowing us to continue to support our clients to achieve their goals right now and way into the future. 

The next step was to choose a cloud provider. A provider we could rely on and trust with our clients’ data and business systems. 

And, there were a few to choose from.

Since we started Base 2, lots of companies had made the leap to the cloud and were providing platforms for businesses to host their storage, software, networking and servers. 

These cloud providers include some of the biggest companies in the world – Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alibaba.  

To choose a provider, we assessed each option against what our clients wanted from their hosting solution. 

It must be consistent, stable and reliable. The platform has to be secure, and the costs of the solution predictable. 

Microsoft Azure 

Using that criteria, one provider shone above the rest – Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure. 

Firstly, Microsoft spends over USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity and R&D, making it the most reliable cloud provider among its competitors. So, there’s no surprise that 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using Azure! 

One of the reasons we built our own data centre when Base 2 started was so we could better manage and control the security of our client’s data. It meant we can deliver a service that we’re proud of 

Therefore, in moving from private to public infrastructure, we needed to be able to trust that whichever cloud provider was hosting our clients’ businesses was as invested in security as we were.  

Once again, Microsoft stood out – analysing 6.5 trillion threats daily and with a team of over 3,500 experts ready to support their customers.  

Finally, their transparent and competitive pricing models and options enabled us to provide predictable costs to our clients. 

Also, Azure matching the price of other cloud providers’ comparable services, and us only paying for the resources we used, meant we knew we could provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions for their businesses. Better value instead? Sung in harmony with other apps in Microsoft eco-system (teams, One Drive, Office) 

To top it off, Azure has free built-in services and tools that allow us to optimise resources, compare cots, and ultimately save money for both our business and our clients. 

Supporting our business 

In the end, Microsoft Azure was a pretty easy choice, and we migrated our business to the cloud. 

The benefits were immediate. 

Everything is leaner, and within reach of a web browser – making access and management a breeze and our turnaround time much faster.   

Real time syncing takes the pain out of geolocational restrictions, and we now have geographic redundancy between Sydney and Melbourne as a backup. While high end intrusion protection systems keep all the data we host safe and secure. 

There is no long a need to travel across NZ to be on site to determine issues.

For our team, the whole support process is super quick because Azure drastically minimises the amount of time stolen away in management and troubleshooting. 

Issues can be resolved remotely and are no longer P1 (major) infrastructure related. Support tickets now are majorly related to applications, databases or storage.  

Spending less time on server related issues means our team can respond and solve client problems in only 20 minutes. 700% faster than when we were operating our old infrastructure!  

Supporting our clients 

With Microsoft Azure powering Base 2, occasional server failures and hardware issues, such as power and internet outages, are a thing of the past.  

We now have a reliable, secure cloud platform to grow our business and support our clients in growing theirs. 

And, what’s even better, Azure doesn’t only provide benefits to our business, it’s also a gamechanger for our clients. (Act 4)

Cloud Journey- start from the beginning

If you know your business could benefit from moving to a cloud infrastructure, Base 2 is for a limited time offering free migration to Azure. Find out more by getting in touch.

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