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Journey to the Cloud: A Brighter Future (Act 5)

Our number one priority is our clients. So, we’ve made the most significant change in our 11 year history – moving on from our private infrastructure and taking our business to the cloud.

There are no more server farms, and our datacentre is a thing of the past.  

Instead, we’re in the cloud, and Microsoft Azure, the biggest and best of the cloud providers, is our partner on this journey to the future. 

A journey that continues with the same vision as when we started – helping businesses achieve their goals. 

So, while a lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same.  

We still provide a reliable, secure hosting platform for our clients – it’s now faster, simpler and without limits. 

Innovation at scale  

Saying goodbye to the infrastructure we’d lovingly built, upgraded and maintained for so many years was hard.  

But we soon got over it. Hosting our clients’ businesses without any hardware requirements is a dream – no more server maintenance or updates. Our clients can get on with innovating and achieving their goals.  

And, with us saving a considerable amount of time and cost, we can focus on supporting our clients’ innovation instead of our infrastructure. 

Overall, partnering with Azure unlocks the potential for mid-sized New Zealand businesses to innovate, grow, and keep pace with global competitors in a local environment.   

They can be more responsive, less affected by current events, flexible and able to achieve remote working with ease. 

And, with the right experience and expertise, deploying your business to the cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Having been there and done that, we’re ideally placed to help other businesses make the jump. 

The icing on the cake is there is no migration fee. We believe so strongly in the benefits of businesses being in the cloud, that if you have servers on-site, we can help you migrate to Azure’s cloud platform, on us. 

Accessibility anywhere 

Once businesses are on the cloud, the possibilities are limitless. 

Systems don’t need to be tied to physical locations and neither do staff.  

Your business can choose how it wants to operate to best serve its customers and staff, without being limited by IT constraints.   

Business and work happens everywhere, and with the cloud, you can be there too. 

One of our clients had their private infrastructure situated at multiple locations across New Zealand, running their own servers and application software. 

Taking them to the cloud has been a gamechanger. With everything hosted on Azure, their data and applications sync in real time and are accessible anywhere. 

Their whole system can be accessed through a web browser and shifting away from physical hardware means they now get economies of scale as their business grows.  

Challenges with data accessibility, sovereignty and reporting are also minimised, and management now has transparency of the business’s data.  

The flexibility and simplicity of the cloud give businesses greater resiliency – being better prepared for situations like now – and opens up a world of opportunity. 

In short, you can achieve more, with superior speed and efficiency, more cost-effectively and securely. 

Join us in the cloud 

The cloud is the future, and there will be a divide between businesses that embrace it, and all it can offer, now, and those that try and persevere with the past. 

Base 2 used to be a reactive business – dealing with issues when things went wrong. 

Now, hosting our business on Microsoft Azure frees up our team and gives us the power to proactively support our clients by improving performance, reducing cost, and helping them seize opportunities.  

And that’s why we feel Base 2 is best positioned to support New Zealand businesses that seek innovation and growth to reach their goals.  

The cloud has transformed Base 2, and now we’re doing the same for other businesses – find out more about our free Azure cloud migration

Cloud Journey- start from the beginning

If you know your business could benefit from moving to a cloud infrastructure, Base 2 is for a limited time offering free migration to Azure. Find out more by getting in touch.

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