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Let's talk business security & risk

Risk is a key part of managing a successful business, but some risks are best avoided.

We help you understand the various options of technology security available to you so you can determine the best IT security solution to suit your needs.

We can even test your current system to help your see where your biggest security threats lie.


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IT Network attacks are pricey

New Zealand’s small to medium-sized businesses experience, on average, a financial loss of about $19,000 per cyber attack, according to figures from Norton’s SMB Cyber Security Survey.

Is your business under threat?

Our IT security services

We want to protect your business from user error and cyber threats. From phishing protection to network security, we provide your business and users with a comprehensive digital defense system to help mitigate risk.

Start with a free, no obligation security audit

We protect and backup your data

Our multifaceted approach to your security:

Managed Cisco Firewall

  • Managed Cisco Firewall

  • Managed Cisco Firepower Intrusion Prevention

  • Managed email filtering services

  • Managed web filtering gateway (Cisco Open DNS)

  • Managed DNS

The big business benefits

24 hour monitoring

In-house IT clocks out and takes holidays. We don’t. Enjoy 24/7 monitoring and support courtesy of our dedicated IT security team.

All businesses sizes

We believe the best in IT security should be available to all. With Base 2, you can unlock the tools usually only available to the big brands.

Saves you time

Requiring little time from you, our managed IT security services leaves you free to focus on the important stuff, like growing your business.

Up-to-date protection

What might be effective protection today, might not be tomorrow. We are constantly tweaking out processes to ensure your IT defence system is always up to date.

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