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Fly First Class with Base2’s New Autopilot Workstation Build

Before aeroplanes, travel took a long time and was a bit annoying.

A bit like getting new devices set up.

Whenever a new staff member starts, it’s a long winding journey with a series of unexciting stops – software installation, antivirus, user profiles, passwords, email accounts.

And that’s once you’ve got the device.

Sometimes you can wait a week or two before your shiny new laptop turns up. What’s your new person supposed to do then? Pen, paper and snail mail? Now, that’s really going backwards.

With your new device in hand, you could pay someone like us to set it up but, if we’re being honest, that’s a bit like paying a pilot to be your uber driver. Great work stories but a tad pricey for what you need.

However, there is an alternative route to take.

Buckle up with Base2

It’s time to take your seat in first class, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while our new Autopilot workstation takes over.

The easiest, most efficient way to order new devices, they’ll arrive at your destination ready-to-go with minimal setup.

Empowering your business with more productivity and automatically saving you time and money.

Thanks to pre-loaded Office 365, a super simple process, and a pain-free setup – why travel any other way?

Take to the Skies with Base2’s Autopilot Workstation Build

The Autopilot build experience takes care of everything you need.

Most importantly, it sets up your Microsoft Outlook emails, signs into your OneDrive, and installs our Base2 remote monitoring agent – so if you need help, we’re right there with you.


  • Direct shipping from the supplier for faster turnaround
  • Login with your existing 365 email address (we’ve taken care of the rest on your Cloud account)
  • Automatically connects to the office wifi network
  • Logs in and sets up your pre-installed Office 365 apps


Take your staff onboarding to another level – contact us on the form below or speak to your Account Manager.

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