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Educating Your Staff on Cybersecurity

A business owner or the IT team can only do so much when it comes to your company’s IT security.

Every member of your team is both a potential security risk and a safeguard against the bad guys on the world wide web.

And it’s actually pretty easy to make sure your team is sitting firmly in the second camp.

It starts with some awareness and a little bit of education about what kind of security risks your business faces online.

Staff are a favourite target of attackers. Many types of cyberattacks, such as phishing campaigns, rely on people clicking links or downloading something that gives the bad guys access into a network or system.

Educating your team on what to look out for will help them spot cyberattacks and report them before it’s too late.

Base2’s user awareness training does exactly this.

A number of companies, including those in the insurance industry, require the completion of user awareness training by all staff members.

Base2’s User Awareness Training

Our user awareness training is done in four or five stages:

  1. User awareness Intro Webinar               
  2. Phishing Attack Simulation                                
  3. Reporting on Users at Risk                                  
  4. Follow up Communication                                 
  5. Targeted Training (Optional)

1. User Awareness Intro Webinar

We kick things off with the education portion:

  • Why cybersecurity is important
  • What you’re doing to keep the business secure online
  • What this means for them, and what you need them to do
  • What the threat landscape is

The webinar is tailored for your business and industry, and there will be a recording available for future reference.

2. Phishing Attack Simulation

Running over ten working days, we create a user “attack” campaign and assess how your team responds.

  • We’ll design the campaign
  • Setup and define user groups
  • Monitor campaign engagement

3. Reporting on Users at Risk

Following the simulation, we’ll review what happened and present to you:

  • A report on campaign results 
  • Break down users at risk

You’ll see how prepared your team is for a cyberattack and whether you have any security risks walking around in your office!

4. Follow up Communication

It’s imperative to then advise your whole organisation of the results – what went well, what didn’t, and what new security measures you’re putting in place going forward.

The results will be anonymous, and we’ll work with you crafting the internal comms and your vision for your company’s cybersecurity going forward.

5. Targeted Training

There is also the option for us to come in and provide targeted training for your team based on the results of the phishing simulation.

Book in Your Team

Cyberattacks against businesses continuing to rise, and your staff are a potential target. There is no time like the present to educate them on your company’s security risks.

To find out more about Base2’s user awareness training or book in a time – get in touch.

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