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Let's Talk Business Efficiencies.

Moving your business to the cloud is one area where your business can gain efficiencies and improve your productivity. We work closely with business owners and CFO’s, to understand their existing business systems so we can identify where efficiencies might be made.

We then outline potential solutions in clear, jargon-free language, making it easier to make clear business cloud migration decisions. Our recommendations, implementation and ongoing support have seen our clients improve productivity and streamline their processes, making document sharing, safe file storage and data protection, hassle free.

If you’d like to see how sound business cloud migration advice and support can improve your business productivity, get in touch with Base 2 today.

Moving Your Business To The Cloud

Base-2 are proud to offer a range of customisable cloud IT services that are fully managed by our cloud architects.

Whether your requirements are centred around:

  • file storage
  • server needs
  • software as a service

...or a combination thereof, our dedicated cloud IT specialists have the resources and expertise needed to implement a robust and powerful cloud solution.

Already have some solid on-premise IT infrastructure?

We can take a blended approach that integrates your existing assets with our hosted services and build a hybrid cloud solution that delivers a competitive edge.

We’ll walk you through the entire migration process from beginning to end to ensure there’s minimal disruption to your business.

Not sure where to start?
Take advantage of our no-obligation, 100% free, business IT audit:


The Advantages of Managed Cloud IT Services

Managed cloud IT services provide organsiations of all sizes with access to incredibly powerful data storage, network technology and software solutions. What’s more, because all the hardware is stored and managed off site, you never have to worry about costly maintenance or upgrades. Our cloud architects ensure the infrastructure is always kept up to date and operating at full revs.

It’s not just the cost factor that has so many people excited. The ability to adjust server capacity on the fly enables your company to respond fluidly to changes in demand, allowing you to instantly capitalise on growth opportunities or reduce expenditure during times of contraction. Simply put, your IT resources swell and contract in line with your needs.

Couple these benefits with the security that comes with automated backups, comprehensive disaster recovery options and a 24/7 support team, and it’s easy to see why the cloud has become the IT framework of choice for so many New Zealand businesses.

How Our Cloud IT Services Can Benefit Your Business

Scale Almost Instantly

An IT environment that grows seamlessly with your business. Our cloud infrastructure enables you to effortlessly increase data storage capacity and deploy additional software applications, no matter where your users are located.

Consolidate Bills

Streamline your accounts by consolidating a chunk of your software and hardware expenses into one, easy-to-manage bill.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Forget about forking out for expensive IT infrastructure that will be obsolete in a few years. Moving to the cloud provides you with a more powerful and flexible framework than traditional IT infrastructure and at a fraction of the capital cost.

Flexible Working

The ability to access software and data from anywhere in the world opens up all sorts of possibilities. Effortlessly outsource other elements of your business, recruit remote talent or offer your employees more flexible working arrangements.

Ready for more flexiblity in your business? Give us a call on 0800 14 2273 and discover how we can simplify your transition to the cloud and streamline your company’s IT processes.


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