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Most homes and businesses in New Zealand operate on shared bandwidth. That is, their Internet Service Provider has multiple subscriptions running on a finite amount of internet bandwidth.

This means that during peak usage times, internet speeds can suffer due to high demand.

As you might imagine, this poses some significant problems for businesses that require a consistent and reliable internet connection.

The solution lies in a dedicated business internet connection.

A Network You Can Depend On

Here at Base 2, we offer a range of managed network and internet solutions to meet the needs of every New Zealand business. Fully customisable for your unique requirements, we provide a variety of access methods to deliver high-speed dedicated bandwidth to companies of all sizes.

As the name suggests, dedicated bandwidth is bandwidth that is dedicated to a single subscriber (i.e. your company). The bandwidth is reserved for your use only, meaning that your internet speeds remain consistent regardless of how much your neighbours are downloading and uploading. In addition, most dedicated connections are symmetrical (equal download/upload speeds), which is critical if your company needs to transfer files in both directions.

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How Our Network and Internet Services Can Benefit Your Business

More Reliable Internet

Dedicated bandwidth and the support of a dedicated team makes for internet service that’s not only faster but also more reliable. Unlock greater productivity and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your internet isn't going to drop out in a mission-critical moment.

A Faster Connection

Enjoy consistently high speeds day in, day out. Whether you’re transferring files, backing up data or video conferencing, your dedicated bandwidth connection is more than capable of handling whatever you throw its way.

24/7 Monitoring

Our engineers are monitoring your dedicated internet connection around the clock to identify and resolve potential issues. Our 24 hour support team are working proactively to deliver the best possible experience for your business.

Happier Staff

Help your staff be happier and more productive by giving them the infrastructure they need to work quickly and efficiently.

Give us a call today on 0800 14 2273 to discuss your network and internet needs and find out how our broadband solutions can help your business grow.

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